Calvin and Hobbes Tribute

I have been a smitten Calvin and Hobbes fan for many years now and there are a lot of Calvin & Hobbes tributes online. Alot of people envision Calvin & Hobbes in a realistic ‘live action’ kind of way. If you imagine Calvin and his pet tiger in real life then picture a boy walking around with a fully grown bengal tiger. An excellent example from James Hance recently inspired me to do my own homage in a realistic style. First up I want to show the original Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes that the world has come to know and love.

Calvin & Hobbes 10th Anniversary cover image

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

The excellent James Hance C&H tribute.

Calvin and Hobbes - James Hance version

A boy and his tiger

The following are a few drafts of a Calvin & Hobbes homage.

Calvin & Hobbes Tribute by Ross Hoddinott

Calvin & Hobbes Tribute by Ross Hoddinott


One thought on “Calvin and Hobbes Tribute

  1. I love it! Awesome artistic tribute to a definitive collection. I’ve been an avid Calvin & Hobbes fan since 1st grade, grew up with it. Hell, my orange tabby is named Hobbes. While I wholly respect Bill Waterson for not watering down his creation, the lack of collectables is sometimes frustrating. Through the years I’ve managed to snag a stuffed Hobbes plush from Etsy, a framed First & Last Strip montage, and a few bootleg bits and pieces. Your homage is awesome. I don’t know if you’re reproducing it, but I would be very much interested if were to do so. Nice work!

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