Photoshop retouches – example

I recently found a really hi-res Edward Scissorhands poster online and took the opportunity to fix it up in Photoshop. By manipulating color levels and contrast, this is a really good example of how effective Photoshop can be. Below is a comparison of the original theatrical poster and my retouched version. I didn’t like the red tinge to the original and I removed unwanted text to simplify the composition. I normally don’t put things like this in my portfolio, but I was very happy with the way it turned out.

Edward Scissorhands poster - Photoshop retouch comparison

Edward Scissorhands poster - Photoshop retouch comparison


Album Cover

I recently did an album cover for a friend and wanted to make the cover photo sort of nostalgic and vintage looking. I am a big fan of faded and scratched photos – an excellent example of the faded vintage look would be Kerry Murrays’ work – check out her blog for examples. I have replaced the original album title with ‘Vintage’.

Elsa-vintage-photo by Ross Hoddinott

Vintage Album Cover

Vintage Album Cover v3

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